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John and Inna

John and Inna have been dancing together for more than 20 years.  Before they started dancing together, John was a four- time national formation team champion, a Blackpool Latin formation champion and a successful amateur competitor where he traveled the world performing with the acclaimed Brigham Young University Ballrooom team.  During her years at Moscow State University, Inna was a member of the contemporary dance theater “Primadonna”, performing in Europe, Africa and Asia. Afterward, she came to the United States, where as a national amateur smooth dance champion she met John. Together, John and Inna went on to become Rising Star and United States Standard finalists, traveling the world to compete, perform and coach with many national and international champions. With the birth of their son in 2012, John and Inna retired from competitive dancing. The next year, they followed their dream of owning their own studio by starting Pivot Ballroom on the Main Line. Here, they continue to share their skills, love of dance and dedication to their craft with a growing dance community.

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